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Oh Hi, didn't see you there..

So I'm half way through summer 2010, mostly because I left for a family reunion on the 9th and got back on the 23rd to discover we were almost at August.

Ellery promised me she'd find me a boyfriend, which would be fan-fricken-tastic since I've never had one in my life, it's not because I didn't want one or didn't like anyone, I just... I'm really really shy.

So I just finished the newest chapter of Three Thieves ( one of the best ongoing Fan fictions I've read in about 5 years. <3

So I'll be going to Anime Evolution for the Friday (13th) only as Naruto Uzumaki (shippuuden version) with Cia (Tsunande) Darby (Hinata, shippuuden version), Ellery (Hinata, regular version) and Katherine (Haruhi, middle school version)

I really hope we can do a cosplay skit.



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