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Or perhaps it's me that's for dinner.


Two concerts, an extra long choir practice, Blood Brothers, 3 Miyuzaki films, 2 Disney films... all in 4 days.

My parents are home tomorrow night (it seems their flight was moved back a couple hours...?) I'm hoping to get back to nightengale about her tablet in time, all depends on what mood my parents are in slash if I have musical theatre after school.

Oh what I wouldn't do for that tablet... well... I wouldn't give up anime... but I'd give up sewing since I'm obviously not good at it... I made plushie (singular) for Darby... except my mom helped... well.. fail.

Oh shoot... I still have to momorize my Mercutio monolague for Monday (say that 10 times fast)

Oh wargblarg I still need to finish my chibis >3<

Blarg indeed.


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